Rui Sun

Finalist #8

Age: 22
Place of Birth: China
Height: 5’6″
Horoscope: Aquarius
Education: University
Language spoken: English, Mandarin
Ambition/ Goal: Become an independent and elegant woman
Motto: Remember you are a woman, and live like a man
Talent: Modeling, dancing

Remember you are a woman, and live like a man
I want to become an independent and elegant woman, not only manage my own life well, but also could make others life different
Become an interpreter who can speak eight languages
I am outgoing and talkative, and always love smiling
Not only make me beautiful outside, but also inside
Lan Yang. She is a gorgeous but strong woman. I hope I could also make some commitment to my motherland just like her
I left home for better education when I was nine years old; I saw my bigger dream in the bigger sky above the large city
Yellow, because it is very bright and warm
It is your right to not show sympathy to those unfortunate people, but please do not laugh at them or even further hurt them
I like those who are independent, and dislike those who cannot take care of themselves and rely too much on others