展現千姿美態   開啟華麗人生
請把握最後機會   截止日期9月10日


一年一度「多倫多華裔小姐競選」將於12月14日(星期五) 晚假大多市會議中心舉行。24年來,華裔小姐競選已為眾多女孩子開創美麗夢想,無數的傳奇故事由此展開。今年,新時代電視整個籌劃及製作團隊更向參賽佳麗承諾:「我們執著、塑造傳奇,務求將妳雕琢成大器,令妳從心綻放不一樣的美。」因此,全城美女應立刻把握這個機會、發揮你的潛質、展示你的才華,這是實現夢想的良機,切勿錯失。



Organized by Fairchild Television, and co-organized by Talentvision, Fairchild Radio and Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine, the long-awaited “2018 Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant” is back again. The deadline to apply is September 10th, 2018.

The Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant campaign has created beautiful dreams for many girls, and countless legends have been discovered. This experience can rewrite one’s beautiful journey in life. It has provided a chance for many young women to stand out in international beauty pageant activities. It has also helped many on their route to stardom, and allowed them to participate in hosting and acting on television programs.

The ten young women who advance to the finals will be put through training courses arranged by the Organizer, including training in image, makeup, dancing, hair styling, mannerisms, etc. Together, the ten finalists will face many firsts: their first time in a photo studio, their first time shooting out on location, their first time attending a press conference, and many more.

In addition to two months of intensive training, the finalists will also have the chance to cultivate self-confidence from the inside out, to discover their individual talents, and to showcase their unique personalities for all to see.

The champion will travel to Hong Kong to represent Toronto at the 2019 Miss Chinese International Pageant, organized by Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB).

If you want to enrich your life experience, this is your chance to take that first step. Sign up for the “2018 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant” or recommend qualified women to apply. Take a chance because you may be this year’s champion.

The form for “Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2018” can be downloaded from website.    Application forms can also be found at the Fairchild Television, Talentvision TV and Fairchild Radio Toronto offices.  For more details, please call 905-889-8090. The application deadline is September 10th, 2018 (Monday) at 6pm EST.

Candidates must be Canadian residents between the ages of 17 and 27 and must be recommended by a nominator. The nominator of the champion will also receive a roundtrip ticket from Toronto to Hong Kong.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Fairchild Television Ltd. shall retain the Contestant’s personal information for promotional and production use for Miss Chinese (Toronto) Pageant 2018. All information shall be kept confidential